XPde 0.3.0 is here

March 15, 2003. The XPde Team today announced the immediate availability of XPde 0.3.0, a major upgrade to the XPde desktop environment, while it's still in beta and under heavy development, this release includes a lot of improvements regarding stability and usability.

XPde includes a desktop environment, a window manager and several other tools to make your desktop experience easier. It's available for free under Open Source licenses, you can download the sources and binaries from http://www.xpde.com.

Major Enhancements

*Added a keyboard setup applet

*Added an IPC class for interprocess communication

*Added a first version of the file explorer

*Added installation instructions for RH 8.0

*Menus are shown with a fade effect and main menu bars are drawn ok

*Changed the default style to a Lycoris one

*The file explorer is integrated into the desktop

*Designed a common About Dialog for all XPde apps

*Changes on window captions are shown

*Removed the control panel, now it's browsed using the explorer

*Added support for trayicons on the taskbar

*Added a basic calculator

*Added initial support for PNGs with alpha channel

About XPde

XPde aims to recreate the Windows XP desktop environment on Linux in order to allow Windows users to "feel at home" in front of a Linux computer. Check out the FAQ at http://www.xpde.com to know more.