XPde 0.4.0 is here

July 30, 2003. The XPde Team today announced the immediate availability of XPde 0.4.0, a major upgrade to the XPde desktop environment, while it's still in beta and under heavy development, this release includes a lot of improvements regarding stability and usability.

This release has been focused on improve the existing features instead of adding new ones, although several important new features have been added, like the Registry Editor or the Device Manager. We encourage to download this new version which is far superior to the previous one.

XPde includes a desktop environment, a window manager and several other tools to make your desktop experience easier. It's available for free under Open Source licenses, you can download the sources and binaries from http://www.xpde.com.

Major Enhancements

*Fixed problems with global key handling

*Added support for KDE tray apps

*Added support for borderless windows

*Fixed some problems with window focus

*Calculator now works in scientific mode also

*Distro abstraction finished

*New system properties applet

*Added the device manager which recognizes all the hardware installed

*Started an XPListview component

*Notepad almost finished

*Theme updated to Crystal 0.9 icons

*Added support for VMWare devices in the network status applet

*A lot of small changes in the window manager which improve usability

*Started spanish translation

*Added a font viewer

*The start button works as it should

*Most modal windows work, except kylix ones

*Added a printing system, including a print dialog

*Added a registry editor

*Copy/Paste functions in file explorer, working, although many work still to do

About XPde

XPde aims to recreate the Windows XP desktop environment on Linux in order to allow Windows users to "feel at home" in front of a Linux computer. Check out the FAQ at http://www.xpde.com to know more.