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You can also donate hardware if you want, you can send it to:

José León Serna
C/Conde de plasencia, 65
Albatera 03340 ALICANTE (SPAIN)

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How to contribute

To help us with this project, you can contribute in several ways, for example, fixing bugs, answering questions in the forums, etc. If you wan't to contribute as a developer, you need to checkout these documents:

Submitting Code, Coding Guidelines

To be a member of the team you will need to contribute in someway you will get added if are helpful.

Also checkout the info below to know which help is needed right now.

Help needed

We need help on these tasks:

  • Graphic Designer:
    Someone responsible for the global look and feel of the desktop environment, website, graphics, default theme, etc. Samples of previous works required.

  • Webmaster:
    Someone responsible website updates, mirror management and for future website improvements. PHP+MySQL required.

  • Theme Utility Developer:
    To help develop new themes for XPde and to set up the format for the themes, we need someone to develop an external utility to allow design themes for XPde. Previous Kylix knowledge is required.

  • Packagers:
    To help distribute XPde, we need people responsible to develop packages for the several distros out there, Debian, SuSE, Fedora, etc. We need 'mantainers' for those packages, to update them with each release if needed.

  • Testers:
    We always need testers, you can submit your bugs to the bugtracking utility. If you want to become the QA manager, just show us how many bugs you can catch!.

To help us on any of these tasks, please, contact