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You can also donate hardware if you want, you can send it to:

José León Serna
C/Conde de plasencia, 65
Albatera 03340 ALICANTE (SPAIN)

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How to mirror this website

To mirror this website, you just need to download the following .tar.gz:

And decompress it on your webserver, you just need a webserver with PHP, no MySQL is required.

You will need to setup write permissions for the elitestats directory and files, if not, you will get errors when loading the website.

There are certain parts of the web, like forums, bugtracker, etc, that require user logins, those parts are not available for mirroring and users are always redirected to the main site.

Once you have your mirror up, please, contact sending the mirror URL and the physical geographic location of the server.

Everytime the main site gets updated, you can download the .tar.gz with the latest changes, if you want, you can automate the process.

Thanks for your help!