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XPde Team

Here is the people that has been working on the project, I have recently reestructured this page so there is only people that has really contributed something. I'm sorry for rest people that was listed here before, because in most cases it has been my fault and I will contact them as soon there is something for them.

To join the team, you must contribute with some work and once we see you can be helpful, you will be invited, check out this page and this FAQ.

José León José León (

Core developer

Born on 1975, I started this project to get some experience in Kylix/Linux development, right now I run my own company called qadram software.

Zeljan Rikalo Zeljan Rikalo (

Core developer

Born in Dubrovnik,Croatia ,1968. Dealing with computers since 1984. Primary OS linux (was unix before 1995). Working at different jobs for a years, like sysadmin, programming etc.., using pascal(gpc,fpc), perl,bash and bit of C. Now I'm core developer in Holobit team , company which develop commercial software for Linux (mainly POS systems).

Jens Kühner Jens Kühner (


I am 27 years old from germany, near stuttgart. I am working on a company which is producing metal-detectors as delphi- and kylix-developer.

Valery Gabrusev Valery Gabrusev (

Ukrainian Translator

Ukraine. Ternopil. Teacher of informatics and information technologies.Has been using Linux for last four year. My hobby - research of using open source programms in educations.

Douglas Steele (

Legal Advisor

An American attorney working in Japan and specializing in copyright, trademark, patent and other expression monopolies.

Theo Lustenberger Theo Lustenberger (

Almost core developer ;-)

Im a programmer from Switzerland. I love Linux with Kylix.